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What Is the Best Way to Take CBD?

This question is subjective in nature. Each person has a different reason why they take CBD and this is going to greatly affect their method of use. For example, according to many CBD users, using CBD salve is the best way to help alleviate localized joint pain and inflammation; using CBD tinctures or e-Liquids may help anxiety, headaches, and work to improve general wellness and equilibrium.

If you are looking for the fastest and most efficient way to deposit CBD into your system, vaping CBD e-Liquid is the way to go. Obviously, this method is not for everybody, but in terms of speed and efficiency, vaping is considered supreme.

That is not to say CBD tinctures and edibles are not effective—because they are. Their digestion time is just longer than vaping e-Liquid. CBD salves are a wonderful way to get a fast response for localized areas of need. Because CBD salves absorb quickly and right on the specific area that needs attention, potential relief from CBD salves is faster than tinctures, edibles, or e-Liquids.

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