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How to Extract CBD

With all the awareness of CBD benefits, many are wanting to know how CBD oil is made. There are several processes to extract pure CBD oil from the cannabis plant. It is extremely important to know and understand these methods as they have such an impact on the quality of the end product as well as your health. The most important part of CBD oil extraction, of course, is to select the right plant that is rich in CBD.  We will go over the top four general ways to extract CBD. 

1:  CO2 Extraction Method

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This method is the safest form of extract CBD. It is also the most expensive but it provides the purest end product. This method uses carbon dioxide under different pressures to extract the oil from the plant. This is done by using high tech equipment that highly trained personnel can operate. This equipment can cost upwards of about $39,000.00.

2:  Extraction with Solvents

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This method is an inexpensive way to go for those small-scale individuals to extract the CBD oil. The drawback for this method is it has the potential for an explosion, as well as it can have leftover residue from the solvent. At that point, it becomes potentially unsafe for medical use. Many scientist and doctors do not recommend this type of extraction. The solvents used are butane, ethanol, and alcohol.  What you do is add the liquid to the plant material and heat the liquid to evaporate it down to CBD oil.

3:  The Olive Oil Extraction

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This is probably the least inexpensive method of how to extract CBD oil. By using this method to extract the oil it will contain a healthy dose of Omega-rich acids. The oil used is usually Hemp seed oil or Olive oil. In this method, you heat the plant at a certain temperature for a specific time to activate the chemicals. The next step is to add the plant to the Hemp seed oil or the Olive oil and heat that to a certain degree of temperature for about 2 hours to get the CBD oil content you want.

4:  The Dry Ice Extraction

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This extraction takes a little more time and effort. The first step is to be sure you wear protective eyeglasses and gloves, then chop up the plant into small pieces and place them in a bucket. The next step is to cover the plant with dry ice for 3 minutes. You then have to shake the ice and plant mixture by first covering it with a mesh bag and shake for 4 minutes. Once that is done turn the bucket upside down onto plexiglass and shake as much resin through the mesh bag. Scrape the hash off the glass and place it into a jar.

There are other methods of extraction but these methods are the ones most discussed. There are pros and cons to each method but most importantly is starting with the best plant. CBD can be bought in many forms. There are currently, CBD tinctures, CBD gel caps, CBD gummies, salves and more. The benefits of CBD have become a worldwide discussion for helping with chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, inflammation and so much more!