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Does CBD Make You High?

Does CBD make you high? No, no, and no again! CBD has been shown in study after study to not produce a disoriented, foggy, or stoned state of mind. This is one of CBD’s most important and distinguishing qualities when compared to THC and other drugs or medicines that cause unwanted mental or psychotic side effects.

THC mixed with CBD will make you high and that is why we remove virtually all of the THC in our CBD tincturessalves, and edibles, rendering our products to a status of “non-detectable” at <0.0001%.

Be careful when you buy CBD products online. Oftentimes, there is THC in the product (although the level should be <0.3%), however, that can still show up on a drug screen. That is why Swiss Relief removes virtually any trace of THC from our products.

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